//The Hot and Cold of Tent Heaters

The Hot and Cold of Tent Heaters

Camping in a tent is always an great experience, but it comes with a lot of challenges; one of many is keeping yourself warm inside your tent when it’s freezing cold outside. A cold tent demands a lot of impetus and encouragement to get out of your sleeping bag, limiting the enjoyment of starting another day of adventure. Thankfully, tent heaters have been manufactured to break these barriers. Now, you can enjoy your time camping without getting frostbites.

Types of Tent Heaters:

While selecting a tent heater, you have to pay close attention to the type of heater you want as it should fit into the tent you are residing in. There are mainly 2 types of heaters.

1) Propane tent heaters

2) Electrical tent heaters

A third heater, chemical heater, is less commonly used because it does not heat the entire tent internally rather it only heats the inside of your sleeping bag.

1) Propane Tent Heaters

Propane tent heaters are amongst the most popular and commonly used outdoor heaters available. They consume propane as their fuel, varying in sizes and shapes to best fit your need anywhere. Most propane heaters come with features such as built-in automatic safety turn off mechanism and the generation of heat without an open burning flame (catalytic propane heater). When the topic of discussion is propane heaters, Mr. Heater and Coleman are the two well-known companies of this field. Following them is a third company named LUOOV, which is relatively less commonly used.

Advantages of Propane Tent Heaters

· Portable, easy to use and convenient.

· A 16.4 oz. Propane cylinder is usually sufficient for 7 hours of heating.

· Most devices are equipped with automatic safety turn off mechanism for both tip-over and low oxygen level.


· It needs proper ventilation while operating which means letting in somewhat of the cold in your tent.

· The operating device becomes hot enough to ignite combustible materials such as nylon.

· To prevent any kind of accidents, these cannot be operated while sleeping.

· The risk of oxygen depletion is always present.

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