//The Best Hot Weather Tents for Summer Time

The Best Hot Weather Tents for Summer Time

A hot weather tent should be your first step when you plan a trip in the summer. If you have the wrong type of tent for these climates, your camping experience can turn out to be very average.
Not being able to sleep or waking up in a pool of sweat is not really a memorable camping experience and there are ways to combat this like a tent air conditioner or a good tent fan, but step one would be to have the right tent.

Camping Table
Camping Table

A 3-season tent is the maximum you want (2-season preferred). Cotton tents are the best material for a tent in hot climates, the down sided are that they are bulky and heavier than more modern materials. If weight and volume is not an option this should be your first choice.
Lots of campers make the mistake of getting just a mesh tent, although it sounds like a good idea it does not really work. The first problem is that when the sun comes up there is no shade, you might have more ventilation, but the direct heat of the sun is going to destroy that bonus. The second issue, although not so much heat orientated, is privacy, at some point during your trip you want some privacy so that the mesh tent is not going to deliver the goods.

Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation is the key to a cool tent. The more open doors and windows you have to guide airflow the better. Family tents are great for this and will be the number one choice for a cool tent.

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